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Friday 3rd July, 2020


Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters

Happy 25th Anniversary to Foo Fighters debut album "Foo Fighters"

Originally released July 4, 1995, with a static hum of a guitar plugging in, the album kicks off with the raucous and joyous “This Is A Call” that mixes California vibes with grunge’s soft-loud double punch. Going for feel, Grohl’s lyrics are deliberately throwaway in part, but the musicality is what shines through. There’s a bounce in the rock that carries you away and throws you into the middle of a heaving, sweaty mosh pit. “This Is A Call” was a promising start and made everyone sit up and take note.

Other tracks like the riff heavy “I’ll Stick Around,” “Alone + Easy Target,” “Exhausted” and “Good Grief” keep the distortion pedal well and truly depressed and satisfy that rock itch. As the album plays out, what becomes clear quickly is that Dave Grohl knew how to write a catchy song or three and this guy could sing, even if the vocals required multiple tracking to beef them up.

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Wednesday 1st July, 2020


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